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It is beyond doubt that the web has brought a lot of new marketing opportunities to businesses of all sizes. It provides even a small business with the opportunity to promote their goods or services to a potentially enormous market. However, with a tendency for in-house productions and use of standardised web layouts and formats it's hard for these sites to be memorable and project quality.

The creative members represented by Ai know the importance of making a clear statement. They strive to ensure the web presence they produce for their clients is unique reflects an individual identity. Often visual simplicity and clarity is the key to success.

Filling a page with links to all areas of a site might seem a good idea but it misses the point of interactive media. By offering a few simple choices to the viewer and letting them refine their selection you can remove confusion for first time visitors, making their first impression of your business a
favourable one.

A quick browse around our own members sites should give you an insight into this philosophy in action. After that, why not drop us a line and we'll point you to a few of the sites or associates have created for their clients. 

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revision date: 5th Feb 2005