Image handling support for corporate communication professionals

Are the images your company owns working for you effectively? 
Are communication efforts frustrated by ineffective image management?

Our work in generating images for clients means we have long had to deal with the problems of image storage. Archive systems were needed to ensure reliable and effective indexing and facilitate rapid access. The solutions we developed are now available to you in support of your communication projects.

Say goodbye to the frustration of managing images, illustrations and video clips, in fact any digital media. With our help life really can be easier, no more worries about image formats, file size issues, distribution and duplication, packaging, on-line access, database management or security.   

Services include: 

~ Secure on-line image galleries (see sample)

~ Media backup and cataloguing services

~ Scanning and format conversions

~ Creative design & authoring services

~ On-demand E-mail forwarding of images 

~ Image enhancement and colour management

~ Customised packaging & support material

~ CD & DVD generation

~ Hard copy printout to any size

~ One-to-One staff training service

~ Photographic coverage of any event (more details)  

If you would like to discuss how our service could benefit your business simply
call 07813 672 116, in the mean time feel free to browse other areas of the site
featuring Ai extensive service portfolio.

Neil Mitchell

See examples of  Shoot preview galleries